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~ Inspirational Food Art Gallery on the North Shore of Massachusetts ~

We eat with our eyes before we even taste our food. Because of this, special focus is placed on the presentation of the dish. Interesting and eye catching combinations of color, shape, and texture are emphasized.

There is possibly no better way to express art through food than with tapas, small plates and hors d’oeuvres.

We view the collective menu, not as individual dishes. Each course needs to compliment each other and fit within the theme of that menu. It is our belief that exceptional food should carry the guest to a specific place, time or memory.

The freshest ingredients are sought out. Extra attention is paid to food that is in season and every effort is made to highlight ingredients that are at their peak. Quality produce, meats and fish should be good enough to stand on their own. Only then could they successfully be combined in a dish.

Please view our inspirational food gallery for ideas for your next special event. Enjoy!